What is MyType?

We are living in a very interesting but divisive historical period.

Is Artificial Intelligence an opportunity or a threat for journalism?

Despite the economic benefits of AI use in editorial positions appearing to be quite convincing, we believe that news organisations should act with caution.

This is exactly where Mytype comes from, a brand and a newsletter with the ambition to collect and build a series of innovative services with the end goal of revolutionizing the world of journalism thanks to the informed use of Artificial Intelligence.

Why Digital Joynalism?

 Mytype will be the advocate for a new concept we like to call “digital joynalism”. Indeed, we would like to awake the joy of doing a job that, in recent years, has faced many important, and not always positive, challenges. Ansa has also spoken about our project that we would have the time to deeply discover together in the next editions.

Remain always updated.

Getting to build something really useful will not be an easy path. For this reason, the newsletter will help you stay updated on the world of AI and of Journalism so that you don’t miss anything.

Who is behind MyType - Digital Joynalism?

MyType is the new AI initiative of Atex, a global leader in software solutions for the media and news industry.

The newsletter is written by Sara Forni, AI Product Manager, in collaboration with Cesare Navarotto, Chief Product Officer in Atex.

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Is Artificial Intelligence an opportunity or a threat to journalism? In an era of change, this newsletter tries to be your guide for the discovery of potential meeting points between innovation and current editorial working practices.


MyType is the new Atex brand dedicated to the world of AI and Journalism. I am Sara Forni, AI Product Manager for Atex.